Google Pixel 3 Review

however this phone isn’t perfect and there might be a few too many compromises like low battery life heat throttling the awkward navigation and the fact that the pixel phones have been experiencing quite a few issues over the past couple of months, Google seriously needs to step up in terms of reliability because no matter how amazing their software magic is, it makes this phone a little more difficult to recommend, however if you’re crazy about the camera tech then go for it just remember to buy an extra external battery before you get the phone .

hey everyone, last year the pixel two had one of the best cameras you could find on a smartphone, and unsurprisingly everybody was really anxious to see what Google would do next, but when they finally presented their new generation of pixels, all anybody could think about was the massive notch on the pixel 3xl .

and this is causing a lot of people to reconsider which of the two phones they want to get, so let’s ignore it the Excel for a minute and just talk about the Google Pixel 3, sure we can already guess that the camera is gonna be pretty good, but does it offer enough in every other department to be worth getting .

Google has created a very particular design language, I guess I’d call it comfortable, but your by year they were finding it while retaining fun details like the mint colored power button, this year the pixel is way more modern thanks to the much reduced bezels, still the front looks more like a 2017 flagship then at 2018 one .

the bezels are there for the two front cameras and the larger-than-average stereo speakers, they have excellent loudness and good clarity which partially makes up for the space they take up .

there is no headphone jack, and if you use a dongle in the box you’ll get average loudness and audio quality you’d expect from a mid-range er which is rather disappointing .

I had hoped audio would be better and more reliable in the three because at some point last year dongles didn’t even work on my pixel 2 and I had a borrowed Bluetooth headphones in order to listen to my music while traveling .

if Google is gonna sacrifice screen space and focus on sound they should really do it on all fronts, ok, enough about the front on the back you’ll find a fast and reliable fingerprint reader and a single camera well the back looks like it’s made of plastic it’s actually an all glass panel with a velvet-like texture on the bottom half .

along with the size this makes the pixel 3 super satisfying to hold the size means it’s easy to use one-handed and you won’t have a problem fitting it into a pocket .

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